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ThyssenKrupp Headquarter – Essen

Certification with DGNB Standard NBV 2008


Built 2010
Audit ifes
GFA 28.000
Certificate DGNB Gold

The realisation of the ThyssenKrupp Quartier in Essen for the globally acting stock company ThyssenKrupp AG, developed a new corporate headquarter in Essen.

The heart of the headquarter is the new constructed ThyssenKrupp Headquarters (Q1) in terms of a fourteen-storeyed office building. An internal atrium ranges from the ground floor to the 10th upper floor.

The compact structure is characterised by large panorama windows as well as the newly developed outer sun protection. Around 400,000 centrally con-trolled multi-plates made ​​of stainless steel offer a proven visual comfort. Great emphasis was placed on the user comfort of the office environments and the corporate appearance.


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