Courage to Sustainability

Green Buildings set ecological standards. The attractive buildings with high user comfort, protect the environment and require sustainable and energy efficient concepts.

Sustainability is the expression of a fundamental change of values ​​in society. In addition, energy-efficient buildings today represent a clear competitive advantage for rental and sale. Your real estate becomes future-ready by sustainable design and construction.

Using experience and planning integrally

The technical progress in architecture and engineering, in conjunction with the requirement for sustainability and comfort, calls for essential and multidisciplinary solutions. Only through simultaneous cooperation of all participants in the planning process, integrated planning is going to be achieved. It is the appropriate response in a time of great challenges. The range of topics discussed and techniques for the design of a sustainable real estate is immense. As part of our integrated planning, we investigate many other of the following components and apply them altogether ecologically meaningful on requests:


ifes infographic: Components of a sustainable
energy- and climate concept

Our job should reasonably already begin in the concept development and end in the management of the building. It is crucial to consider the operational phase, because four-fifths of the life cycle costs of a building arise after the handover to the client.

We advise you in the development and implementation of your buildings and facilities

The most important decisions need to be made in the beginning, especially with the idea for a project, when crucial decisions are still possible. If the preliminary draft is already present, there are only about 50 percent optimization opportunities, at the time of the actual draft, the possibilities even decrease to 20 percent. Once the tender begins, you can adjust the life cycle costs only at high costs.

The “ifes GmbH” develops innovative climate and energy concepts for sustainable real estates. For more than two decades, we support and advise architects, engineers, contractors and building owners in all stages of planning a building. Our comprehensive planning process uses innovative research instruments. We analyze your building via various flow and thermal simulations and contribute to reduce costs on a long-term basis. Today we are among the leading providers of dynamic building and system simulation.


ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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