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Energy Management  

With the introduction of an energy management system, you can reduce the energy costs of your business and thus increases the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

An energy management system systematically determines the energy flows in your company on the basis of DIN EN 50001.
The aim of an effective energy management system is to continuously improve the operational processes relating to energy and the energy performance of your business and to meet commitments in energy policy.
Your benefits by the introduction of an energy management system at a glance:

  • investigation of potential cost savings
  • transparency of all energy fluxes in the company
  • reduction of the energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • energy and electricity tax savings (“SpaEfV” )
  • federal funding and the “EEG” (Renewable Energy Act) compensation regulation
  • continuous improvement of the efficiency
  • employee awareness for a more efficient energy use
  • positive impact by test certificate “DIN EN ISO 50001”

We advise and assist you with the introduction of an energy management system, so that you can increase the energy efficiency of your business and save on energy costs.

Our consultation covers the following services:
Perform an energy management system analysis

  • analyze existing regulations in the existing environmental and occupational health and safety management system in terms of conformity to “DIN EN ISO 50001”
  • analyze energy procurement
  • determine energy efficiency potentials
  • develop recommendations

Establish an energy management system

  • to identify all relevant processes and functions
  • determine and evaluate the energetic base of operations
  • advise and support with the necessary documentation
  • determine legal and other requirements
  • suggest organizational structures and create energy politic objectives
  • suggest a metering concept compliant to the energy management system

Support the implementation of the energy management system

  • conduct employee training  
  • supervise implementation of the necessary measures
  • conduct an internal audit

Certification of the energy management system according to “DIN EN ISO 50001”

  • certification audit
  • routine monitoring (annually)

Document preparation for the approval

  • preparation for the testing in accordance to “SpaEfV” to apply for tax refund referring to “§ 10 StromStG and § 55 EnergieStG” (surplus compensation)


  • certification referring to “SpaEfV”

ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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