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Green building certification procedures run in several stages. The required documentation will be collected and submitted by the accredited auditor. An auditor achieves above-average success, when his consultancy is diversified.

From Pre-Check to Certificate

We certify your real estate with the German Sustainable Building Council (“DGNB”) or with the “LEED” seal of the U.S. Green Building Council. If you, as a client, wish assurance regarding the expected Green Building Label for your newly constructed building, we recommend a pre-certification (DGNB) or an assessment (LEED). The pre-certificates provide a realistic prospect on the expected sustainable building performance and can be used effectively for the marketing of your building.


The “DGNB” awards pre-certificates that can turn out as the final seal in bronze, silver or gold, in accordance with “LEED” silver, gold or platinum. As a part of a pre-check, we can show you the opportunities and potential risks of a certification intent. With the knowledge of the project`s potential, future tasks, planning services and expectations can be defined throughout the course. The earliest possible entry into the certification process makes the most sense, because only in the first stages of the project, we can still set a decisive course. We develop alternatives, carrying out simulations and carry through systematic consultation to the success of the certification.


After the pre-certification or if your project is already under construction or nearing to completion, then the certification is the best way to represent the high quality of your project by “DGNB” or “LEED”. After the completion of the object our auditors will submit the documents at the certification authority ("DGNB" or "U.S. Green Building Council"). If the procedure has expired and if all criteria are met, then the quality seal is awarded officially and permanently, and the sustainability of the building is communicable to the market

ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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