Photos: Gerhard Hoffmann

Spherion – Düsseldorf

Spherion hoch01Spherion hoch02Spherion is an office building with atrium that was designed by Düsseldorf architects Deilmann & Koch and handed over to the present tenant Deloitte & Touche in 2003.

The building has a gross area of 25,000m2 spread over 7 above ground floors. The atrium, having a height of 29m, serves as the building's central meeting point and entrance hall. Adjacent offices are provided with sufficient natural ventilation via openable windows.

An energy saving and cost effective operation of the building are achieved through:

  • Heating and cooling of offices via activated concrete floor slabs
  • Natural ventilation of offices
  • Minimal mechanical supply and extract ventilation
  • Energy saving chilled water production and heat generation
  • Atrium with under floor heating and cooling providing comfortable conditions during winter and summer use
  • Intelligent control of atrium ventilation louvres/ dampers via use of two weather stations
  • Atrium facade provides daylighting via upper band of translucent glazing

The building provides its 1,700 occupants with a high quality working atmosphere.


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