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Kranhaus Süd – Köln

Certified with DGNB Standard NBV 2008


Built 2010
Audit ifes
BGF 22.180 m²
Certificate DGNB Gold

The newly constructed office building Kranhaus Süd, in Cologne, is one of three crane buildings in the recently developed office site Rheinauhafen in Cologne.
This provides a prestigious address for premium offices, commercial and residential real estates.

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The modern and spectacular architecture, in com-bination with an energy-efficient building technology as well as high quality requirements, offer key aspects on sustainability. For cooling and heating the building, serves with a concrete core cooling and geothermal energy provides an appropriate heat and refrigeration supply system.

The energy and climate concept and the user comfort was precociously demonstrated by simulations.

ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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