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Rüttenscheider Tor – Essen

Certified with DGNB Version NBV 2008


Built 2010
Audit ifes
BGF 18.441 m2
Certificate DGNB Silber

The new office complex Rüttenscheider Tor is a part of the southern city gate in Essen.

The flexible space division of the offices, as well as a natural ventilation, heating and cooling ceilings and external sun protection ensures the future-oriented requirements of the office's use.

Several office types are possible because of the building's flexible basic structure. The selection of building materials were accompanied by a toxic moni-toring during the construction and demonstrated the pollutant-free substances proved through indoor air measurements. Natural materials in the facade (high quality natural stone), and wood-aluminum windows support the consistent implementation of a resource-efficient building.

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