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Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

The minimization of life cycle costs is a priority goal of sustainability. In conventional planning and construction, the focus is mostly on the reduction of production costs and less on the consequential costs. However, the biggest savings are to achieve in the field of life cycle costs.

Highest costs occur during the building`s utilization

Considering the total cost that causes a building during its entire life cycle, the highest costs occur during the building´s operation, when especially the majority of the costs does not arise in the building´s construction, but primarily during the operational phase. Thanks to this insight, the focus is increasingly directed at the optimization of new properties by looking at the cash flows during the operational phase. As a suitable analytical tool there is the comparison of the initial and subsequent costs: the life cycle costs (LCC)

We offer advice and calculations to

  • life cycle costs using the present cash method
  • cost-effectiveness analyses
  • optimization of the investment and operating costs
  • annual analysis of the energy and occupancy costs

In determining the LCC there are to be considered the building`s specific costs in addition to the production costs of the groups 300 and 400, the following costs, planned and unplanned maintenance costs and the costs of decommissioning, recycling or disposal. The field of ​​life cycle costs, for example, includes

  • total cost of construction
  • terms of costs
  • reconstruction costs
  • repair costs
  • disposal costs


The Key Element of the Certification

The building-related costs in the life cycle are also an important part of the DGNB certification process.
Take advantage of our consulting expertise at an early stage, because key decisions must be made in the very beginning. If the preliminary draft already exists, there are only about 50 percent optimization opportunities, at the time of the draft itself the possibilities decrease to 20 percent. Once the announcement starts, changing the parameter of life-cycle costs is only implemented at high cost.

We determine already at the first project idea the requirements of sustainable planning and construction and support your project through the planning and implementation stage. This way we are able to ensure that your building receives the desired Green Building certification.


ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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