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Building Aerodynamics

Air stream and buildings can cause significant interactions. Local wind conditions in road space, relating to the pedestrian comfort, but also the impact on the ventilation system of a building, are evaluated in building aerodynamics.

Especially for larger buildings, the air stream may have a significant impact on important factors of building, road area and space quality. Increased loads can occur by wind-induced pressure on the facades, which have a determining influence about the effectiveness of the ventilation system. On the one hand, intended window ventilation cause the danger of increased draughts and on the other hand overheating through low ventilation. In the road space or space conditions, turbulence and increased wind speeds can occur by poor urban planning and architectural structure, which affects the comfort of the pedestrians.

For planning security before the realization of a construction project, or for identification and solution development by fluid mechanical deficiencies of existing buildings and spaces, we offer the analysis of building aerodynamics and circulation around buildings by computational fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) as well as with physical models in wind tunnels.

Services that we provide in the course of the building aerodynamics:

  • influence on the wind conditions of the road space and the building environment
  • impact on the ventilation system of the building
  • evaluation of natural ventilation use
  • evaluation of thermal comfort and prevention of draughts

 Our tools for building aerodynamics:

  • computational fluid dynamics (3D-CFD)


ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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