• projekt-badeschiff

    Simulation bei besonderen Gebäuden

    Das Badeschiff in Berlin

  • projekt-einkaufzentrum


    Optimierung des Energie- und Klimakonzeptes

  • projekt-bahlsen

    Fabrik des Jahres 2011

    Ein wandlungsfähiges und logistikgerechtes Fabrikkonzept

  • projekt-st-petersburg

    Newskij Rathaus – St. Petersburg

    Atrium und Kuppel mit einem durchdachten Klimakonzept



Photo: Diebold Goldring-Werkzeuge, Spindeltechnologie, Jungigen

Diebold Goldring-Werkzeuge - Jungingen

The company Diebold Goldring Tooling was founded in 1952 and caters to the following areas of manufacturing:

  • 1970 the company was mainly a subcontractor for the production of knitting machines.
  • Thereafter, they concentrated on their own program of chuck tools for CNC machining centres.
  • 1980 the program was expanded to include spindle components for tooling machines.

ifes GmbH Frechen was commissioned to design and develop an energy and climate concept for the newly built hall for the production manufacturing and finishing of high precision tools, spindle components and test mandrel.

Through the implementation of the climate and energy concept, energy savings were realised. A comfortable working climate with a constant temperature of 21°C was realised.
To guarantee a high level of manufacturing accuracy the use of Air-Conditioning was necessary but very difficult.
Furthermore, the existing halls were integrated into the air-conditioning concept by placing an air lock between the new and existing hall.


ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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