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    Optimierung des Energie- und Klimakonzeptes

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Image: Montagehalle DECKEL MAHO, Pfronten

DECKEL MAHO – Pfronten

An integrated energy and climate concept was used for the new construction of the assembly hall.

The fact that high precision tooling machines are to be installed, tested and calibrated within the assembly hall, posed high requirements on the design team.The design air temperature within the 4,600 m² assembly hall can only vary by ±1°K.

To meet this target, a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation was conducted to calculate the tempe-rature and flow within the assembly hall during the planning process.
It was possible to realise an innovative convective gravity cooling system for the first time in a large scale industrial hall through an integrated design backed by detailed thermal and fluid flow analysis.

The query of functional security as well as the investment and running costs could be reliably answered at an early planning stage through the use of thermal and CFD simulation.
The energy and mechanical systems are in operation since October 2000. The running costs were reduced by 70%. The design indoor air temperatures are optimally met.

For this project, we offer an additional factsheet in PDF-format:

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