• projekt-badeschiff

    Simulation bei besonderen Gebäuden

    Das Badeschiff in Berlin

  • projekt-einkaufzentrum


    Optimierung des Energie- und Klimakonzeptes

  • projekt-bahlsen

    Fabrik des Jahres 2011

    Ein wandlungsfähiges und logistikgerechtes Fabrikkonzept

  • projekt-st-petersburg

    Newskij Rathaus – St. Petersburg

    Atrium und Kuppel mit einem durchdachten Klimakonzept


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Bäckerei Peter – Essen

Early stage complete building simulation on a number of variations of a new build bakery. The buildings construction, ventilation systems, production facilities, as well as the production processes were incorporated into the planning process early on.

A thermally efficient folded wood roof construction and an open baking hall are visible results of the integrated planning.baeckerei-peters-01

The use of a simulation program allowed a detailed modelling of the production facility. The planning of an energy efficient building was made possible.

Integrated and optimised planning

Comfortable room conditions, energy efficient systems and operating efficiency are the objectives of a sustainable design.

Questions regarding the implemen-tation of building materials and the energy solutions are to be asked at an early stage.The objective is to save time and money during new construction and conversion process.

A team oriented and integrated planning without using dyna-mic building and system simulations is not possible in to-day's day and age..The investment and operating costs of the building and its technical sys-tems can be accurately calculated.

Through the use of simulation pro-grams, architects and engineers have the right tools to achieve an optimised and integrated design of buildings and systems.


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