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Interface Office – Krefeld

Certification with DGNB Innenräume 2017

Built 1935/36
Modernisation 2016
Audit ifes
NGF 646 m²
Certificate DGNB Platin

The interior fittings of the historic building in Krefeld is one of the first DGNB certificates for interiors and is awarded with platin.

The small conveyance building in the Mies van der Rohe Business Park in Krefeld is part of an area, which was originally designed by Mies van der Rohe for a fabric company. After vacantness and other utilizations the floor covering manufacturer interface decided to use the building as the new head office for Germany.

After extensive reconstruction of the existing building while taking special care of the historic cladding, an interior was created which shows innovative solutions for the office of the future and which focusses on the uther and his wellbeeing.

The design concept is geared to the strict pattern of Mies van der Rohe by aligning the workplace to the original pattern. Simultaniously organically formet functional units create variety and interrupt the lines of sight. At the centrally arranged staircase there is not only a planted wall but also a waterwall, which spans both storeys. The waterwall contributes to a comfortable atmosphere for the user and improves the indoor climate.


A comprehensive sustainability concept

Apart of the supervision of the certification, ifes created a comprehensive sustainability concept for the accomodation, which has solutions for every usage and consumption product: The energy and ressource consumption was analysed and optimized using measurements, only LED-lights are used for illumination, the waste quantitiy was greatly reduced using measures like the paperless office and by tapping water at the faucet instead of using plastic bottles. Only environmentally benefiecial cleaning supplies are used during opreration and also the office technology is up to state of the art for technology and energy efficiency.

HpfkstchenWell-beeing of the employees

The whole office is equipeed with motion promoting products: High desks with and without stools, lounge-furniture as well as rings, wall bars and impact-cushinings encourage the employees to exercise. An open space office concept with glass dividing walls and a multitude of many different communication zones contribute to the exchange between employees. While selecting the furniture and the material for interior fittings, focus laid on low-pollutant products, so that the indoor air contains as few emmissions and pollution for the employees as possible.

DGNB certificate for interiors

The aspects described above gain recognition in the new system variant of the DGNB for interiors. For the first time the focus does not only lie on the building itself but furniture and user oriented processes are considered. 16 criterias rate the usage of ressources, the economic viability of the property as well as aspects, which influence the health, well-beeing and productivity of the users.

The Interface Office in Krefeld was the second building rewarded with the DGNB certificate for interiors and got the highes ranking of Platin.

ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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