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Photo: Wiel Arets Architects, Maastricht / Amsterdam

Media Building Schwäbischer Verlag – Ravensburg

Certification with DGNB Standard NBV 2009


Built 2011 - 2013
Audit ifes
BGF 14.100
Certificate DGNB Silber

The media building of the swabian publisher was designed and generally planned by the architect Wiel Arets and his team from Amsterdam.

The building ensemble adapts to the surrounding townhouses. The publisher`s ingenuousness and transparency is documented through the transparent facade of the building. Aspects of energy efficiency and sus-tainability are taken into account by an energy concept consisting of geothermal energy and maximum heat re-covery.

The soil`s geothermal potential is used by penetro-meters and the operation of a reversible working heat pump.
Activation of the building structure for heating and cooling purposes is achieved via a concrete core cooling. The ifes GmbH supported the quality assur-ance of the energy engineering design and perfor-med the audit for the certification to the DGNB standard.

For this project, we offer an additional factsheet in PDF-format:

doc Factsheet Download

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