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With Commissioning you can make sure that your building conforms to your expectations, shows an efficient operation, that an assured and comfortable working environment is guaranteed, and that it is operated and maintained from qualified service staffs.

In the course of Commissioning it will be ensured, that the high expectations of the building owners for the building will be met at any time in the project process, both in the planning and in the execution. For that purpose a professional qualified and competent company is required. This role will be taken over by commissioning agent (CxA).

Each project is unique and has individual main focus and requirements. Therefore, it’s necessary that the CxA adapt the commissioning process for the respective construction project, in order to ensure the fulfillment of the project-specific objectives. Thereby the consideration scope of the project can be varied in range, size, complexity and the available budget.

The task, which is performed by a CxA in commissioning, concern the documentation of the functional and technical requirements of the building, the providing of the tools and documentations to improve the deliverable result of the project participants, the ensuring and documenting of the requirements to the systems engineering, as well as the ensuring that the building owner and building managers receive adequate and precise system documentation and the personnel is instructed properly. Commissioning introduces a holistic approach in the project process, both for enabling an orderly operation and for setting the necessary course for this purpose during the project process.

Goals of Commissioning:

  • Orderly operation
  • To set necessary course for an effective project handling in the planning phase
  • To place the requirements of the building owner and the project requirements to the foreground, to ensure that the expectation is met
  • Optimized technical quality of the building, as the optimizing measures for an energy efficient operation is integrated in the planning and execution process
  • Verifies that building staff members are well-trained and possess the documentation they need to operate and maintain the building’s systems and equipment after turnover.

ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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