Lecture by Gerhard Hoffmann on the exposition“E-world Energy & Water 2014” in Essen

The energy transition is a task that was discussed among circles of experts since the early 1980s and pursuits the goal of a sustainable energy supply. At least since Fukushima, the theme shapes the socio-political discourse and resounded throughout the land. But the future of renewable energy has already begun - it is not only considered as a great entrepreneurial opportunity, but one of the most important challenges of the 21st Century.

The “ifes GmbH” planned and developed energy-efficient buildings and facilities for many years, where the focus is always on sustainability, which contributes significantly to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. Also in the course of the forum “Energy Transition” at the fair “E- world Energy & Water” the changing circumstances that arise in the energy industry will be discussed. In doing so, the forum of energy transition serves as a platform for experts for all the involved protagonists.

Gerhard Hoffmann, founder of “ifes GmbH”, senior auditor of the DGNB and auditor BREEAM DE, gives at the shared stand "Forum Energy Transition" in Hall 7 on 13.02.2014 at 10:55 – 11:15 o'clock a lecture about:

"Energy Transition - Opportunities and risks for SMEs".

On-site, a fascinating dialogue is going to be expected among various stakeholders and industry representatives: Companies from the sector of renewable energies (hydropower, solar, wind power, biogas, geothermal energy), developer and manufacturer of insulation and building technology, representatives of research institutions and political institutions come together to discuss the future of a sustainable and reliable energy supply.


ifes certifies buildings with DGNB, LEED, BREEAM and HCH standards        
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